OLX renew is a marketplace for refurbished electronic devices. Together with our merchants, we are on a mission to show you just how good used can be and help the planet in the process. If it is up to us, the future is one without unused phones in people’s drawers.

On our marketplace you will only find the best deals from selected high quality vendors that have proven to deliver great products and service.

All devices are inspected and refurbished by professionals to work like new, and our transparent grading system helps you strike the right balance between budget and device condition. So no surprises!.

We only allow professional sellers with a proven track record on our marketplace, and we actively monitor seller performance and customer satisfaction to continuously improve service levels. We step-in in case service levels go down, or if there are any unforeseen issues. 

At OLX renew we are in your corner. You get up to 7 days to make sure the device you bought is as expected, and our merchants offer a minimum of 6 months warranty. In the unlikely case that there is a problem, you can reach out to us to make sure it gets resolved.

OLX renew is part of OLX - where we are on a mission to  shape the future of trade and unlock the hidden value in everything.